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Doing a PHD in Africa

Doing A PhD in Africa is a nonprofit, nongovernmental association incorporated as a company limited by guarantee in Ghana. I created it as a virtual platform in February 2017 with a passion to raise the profile of advanced higher education on the continent. My initial motivation was to fill a gap in information and networking space targeted at doctoral scholars in Africa. 

Doing A PhD in Africa has five key objectives: 

  1. Promote access to information on funding, fellowships, research, work and other opportunities related to Africa.
  2. Facilitate access to doctoral education with a focus on Africa.
  3. Provide space for networking and collaboration among African doctoral scholars.
  4. Contribute to personal and career development through peer and mentor support and guidance.

As an Africanist organisation, Doing A PhD in Africa centres Africa and African experiences of life and doctoral study in all its activities. We believe in giving back and paying forward, and encourage all our members to re-invest any knowledge or support that they receive, particularly to universities and students who do not ordinarily have access to the more prestigious African doctoral support schemes.

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